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Welcome to Robotic Systems Ltd.

Wireless Data Acquisition, Process Control, Gait Analysis & Robotics.

Robotic Systems Ltd has developed a versatile electronic data acquisition and servo control system. The product benefits from 14 channels and receives or transmits data via Radio Frequency (RF) circuitry or serial cable. Numerous innovative features have been embedded into our circuitry

Our flagship movement capture harness and biped robot product shows the potential of our modular circuitry by exploiting its electronic features. The circuitry can be set up easily in a number of different configurations. You can build your own robotic system to house our circuit products.

Human movements can be copied and used to provide walking data for our stand-alone counterbalanced robot. What Robotic Systems Ltd. uniquely provides - is a software/hardware package allowing users to capture the movements of a test subject. Users can then create Gait Models using our BodyLAB software and play the results using the robot.

2-way radio communications allow the PC to control the biped robot using walking movements captured from the test subject in real time. Simply put, the robot mimics the test subject’s movements. The PC BodyLAB software also provides features to manipulate and save movements for future replay.

Customer enquiries are welcome and we are happy to provide potential customers with quotations, estimates or just some general product information. We're proud of our products and love to talk about them - as well as sell them. Have a look at our contact page to see the various ways you can get in touch.

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